Drudge V1.05

Adjusted and updated the user interface to resolve issues where some text overlapped when the phone uses very large text sizes and some minor bug fixes

Drudge V1.04

Fixed a bug which caused Drudge to crash when performing the upgrade to the full version of Drudge

Drudge V1.03

Initially, it was planned to release a lite version of Drudge to give people a chance to try the app before buying. Instead, with this update, there is an in-app purchase to upgrade to the unlimited version. This has the big advantage, that no data, added in the light version, will be lost.

Drudge V1.02

First minor update. I added some localisations for additional countries in the App Store. What is more, I also fixed a few small bugs, primarily concerning the UI.

Drudge V1.01

Drudge has landed. The App is now available in the App Store: Get Drudge Now :). Although it is stable, expect a first update shortly.

Drudge V1.00

After many, many bug fixes and tests in the field, I am happy to anounce, that Drudge is finally ready for deployment. The process of submitting the App has been initated and it will be available in the App Store shortly :) .

Drudge V0.99

Drudge is getting closer to deployment. Stay tuned.

Get In Touch

If you need any support with Drudge or want to provide some constructive feedback, please feel free to drop me a message.